$30,000,000,000.00 in housing damages

From Hurricane Harvey hitting Texas.

Initial estimates.

Insurance companies are balking but Nystockguru can personally guarantee that flooded cars will be replaced.

In terms of housing insurance, in Corpus Cristy 1/8 of houses flooded had flood insurance.

The rest of the area affected we are unsure?

Feel free to email of call if nystockguru can be of any help with regards to the process of filing for federal disaster relief money.


Andrew ODell

Raytheon drone ops disabled

After Raytheon sent an unmanned drone to drop a nuclear weapon on my house it missed and landed on the golf course. We ran a trace route and found it lead to a small ops center just west of Boston, MA.

When a light saber was used the operator of the drone was found to have a little green man in his head.

The bomb is still active with the clock stopped at 2 minutes.

Address in Boston is 870 Winter Street Waltham, MA 02451

Put it in a swamp and bomb defused.

$LMT and Trump destroyed US base in Baghdad, Iraq

So the huge contract that $LMT Lockheed Martin and President Donald Trump arranged where the made Fighter Jets in India and sold them to the highest bidder just took out most of the US Forces in Baghdad, Iraq along with most of the Middle East’s best stuff.

Just as Nystockguru reported months ago most of the Iraq Presidental Palace formerly owned by Saddam Hussain when the country was peaceful and prosperous keeps getting hit by these Lockheed Martin designed planes.

Pretty Ironic that the same Military companies that built the planes used in the US takeover are now being used to destroy the very soldiers they where designed to protect.

Just as it says in the Bible, “You reap what you sew.” Just as it says in the Koran, “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

I sent my best guy to disable the plant in India and he managed to destroy about 10 of these planes but it appears the parts are being drop shipped from the US based production facilities.

Some of these parts are made at the Lockheed Martin plant in Orlando, FL. If we can destroy the supply chain in theory we can end the repeated bombing of the region including ironically Baghdad.

USD Lost World Reserve Status

The financial media is trying to paint a rosy picture that the US Dollar is still the World Reserve status currency.

Reality is that half of California is burn to a crisp from wildfires that are still raging.

Most of the oil production along the Gulf of Mexico is wasted. The ports are all messed up.

Curbs have been placed on stock market equities resulting in a slow death of companies instead of accurate pricing.

Real estate is a mess.

The US Dollar is no longer the World Reserve currency!

A fair valuation is that it has been cut in half from what it was just a year ago.

Most people want to get out of this country… to a country where common sense resides instead of a leader who steals people’s real estate for a living aka Donald Trump.

His wall idea is likely to keep people in America from leaving to a better life in South America where common sense rules not some BS executive orders he makes.

People are starting to open their eyes to the Biblical Prophecies that says, “In end times, the first shall be last and the last will be first.”

All the laws on the books are being used to steal people’s homes, money and freedoms.

It almost does not even matter if you are good or bad from this point on it is simply survival.

Washington DC has the highest murder rate in the country and yet the average citizen is just blind enough to think they have solutions by talking or writing a big check.

Most people are taught from a young age to respect authority through the public education system of brainwashing. If can survive the 40 rounds of vaccines that have 5 vaccines each in them (Penta Vaccines) from age 0-5 it is highly unlikely they won’t have permanent brain damage or autism of sterility or cancer of the blood; if they say the truth they are given a bunch of pills, if that doesn’t work the mind control from cell phone towers makes them act crazy, if that doesn’t work they are made fun of by their peers for being gifted instead of being a jock.

Most young people today know damn well they will never be able to make much money or do much of anything with their lives.

The great awakening has begun where people are realizing our great Military is really just a bunch of paid assassins who murder, bomb, kill, maim people for fun.

In due time these paid murderers also known as the US Military will be wiped off the earth and a New World Order will emerge.

The advancements mankind has made will also soe the seeds of our destruction. We are such a primitive race in the grande scheme of things. The Gods look on in amusement placing bets on what will happen to this little planet we call home.

Our most advanced weapons are like a Bebe gun to the Gods… I can only imagine the amusement they must get watching a planet 🌎 so little yet so full of its own arrogance and petty accomplishments.

10,000 years ago when mankind as we know it was created by the Gods and we have just now caught up to them. So the real question is are we all slaves now? The answer is unequivocal yes!

Slaves by our own design and slaves to them!

Look no further than our schools nowadays surrounded by cameras and fences like a prison to train our children in.

If a soldier in Iraq kills 100s of people he is awarded with a promotion. If a Doctor sells lots of pills or poison to treat cancer he gets a free trip to Aspen for a conference to learn about the newest killing methods. If a Politician passes laws that benefit a special interest group he gets a cut of the action like George Bush did with Halliburton in Iraq.

If a company designs a new type of killing machine the company is awarded lucrative defense contracts. If a banker steals a bunch of money from clients in a variety of different swindles they are awarded a bonus pay. If somebody does something that needs to be done for the good of humanity they receive nothing typically not even a word of praise.

Money planets such as Earth don’t usually last long especially when they refuse to pay out. It’s like a bank as soon as people realize the bank is in trouble they withdraw their money and look for some other store of value.

Real Estate prices are sky high because the US Dollar continues to lose value and stocks and bonds are usually a swindle.

The Military is the biggest bunch on pussies I have ever seen they push a button or move their finger to kill some also known as pulling the trigger or fly a drone over and drop a bomb.

They are instructed to hit high value targets to destroy as much as possible. Luckily the jig is almost up for them as they know what has spent years to build cannot so easily be replaced and what they have done to innocent countries like Iraq they are now doing to the United States of America.

The US Dollar had its day but now a New World Order is taking over their silly little weapons and laughing at how stupid they are.


Chase Wire Transfer Info BS!!!!


So the entire State of Florida’s routing number for Chase Bank wire transfers is the routing number on my checks.

The odds of this happening are 1 in 387420489 or 9^9th.

Yet still no wire transfer. It got red flagged which basically means the bank keeps the money and fucks over the customer!

This BS law happened with the introduction of the Patriot Act passed by the Bush Administration after 9-11 intended to protect America from those “evil” terrorists that flew planes into the WTC.

Net result today no shipping companies can do business with America because as soon as they wire funds the bank freezes their money.

No wonder nobody wants to do business with America anymore.

Even American companies operating offshore cannot transfer funds back to America because the funds are red flagged by the bank aka stolen by the bank.


$P disassociates from $DIS

$DIS – Walt Disney is violating privacy laws; refusing to pay its employees a livable wage; gross mismanagement at the corporate level; running income verification checks on visitor to it theme parks; selling tickets online then refusing visitors directions to its theme parks; vandalizing cars, refusing to pay actors and creators and directors; acquired media companies fraudulently; refusing to pay Star Wars; Mickey Mouse is a rat with makeup!

Symbol: $P NYSE (Pandora) has spun off completely from any relationship expressly or implied; All trademarks, copyrights, music, theme park rights, etc are completely separate from the Walt Disney corporation or any of its affiliates.