G20 – Meeting Hamburg, Germany

G20 2017World leaders arrived this morning for a meeting to discuss important issues in the port town of Hamburg. Important issues included EU funding of the NATO alliance – Section 5, trade agreements such as whether to lift sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation after Crimea, restoring the US support for the Paris Climate Accord.

Unsubstantiated reports indicate that currency talks may be on the table including possible IMF support for Venezuela. Brazil arrived late to the discussions but the former Portuguese Colony is obviously looking for a clear direction from world leaders after the Venezuelan currency crisis.

Other possible but unsubstantiated topics may include GMO food as while they are more resilient to insects possible health concerns may apply. Russia and the EU have been mostly in favor of strict standards keeping food organic, while the US has been using GMO food primarily.

Other possible topics include the Fucashima nuclear power plant meltdown as the Pacific Ocean is showing unhealthy levels of radiation effect the quality of the fish. Also plastic in the ocean and a concerted effort by the world leaders to reduce this problem as it is also hurting fish production.

Finally concerted efforts to reduce dangerous threats to Information Technology and infrastructure that produces electricity needs to be addressed. With the increase in cyber threats worldwide the leaders should discuss ways to avoid compromising each others systems. The free flow of information is important after all it is the World Wide Web.

Finally, networking with World Leaders is huge for Trump. After only 6 months on the job he can now get the numbers he needs to be in contact with the G20.

North Korea and Syria are obviously on the table in terms of resolving the situation… stay posted for more.

Madura: Venezuela needs USDs

Banking reports are being circulated stating that the Venezuelan banks under Madura need additional hard US Currency. This should allow for foreign visitors that travel to the South American nation to exchange their hard currency at banks at the prevailing pegged exchange rate. Without that US tourists and businesses cannot exchange their Venezuelan currency back into dollars upon leaving the country to return home.

The rumor mill is also that air travel to Venezuelan airport Caracas could resume out of Miami once this is accomplished. Finally, without additional hard USDs the payment processing companies such as Visa, MC, Western Union, etc are having one hell of a hard time accomplishing their job of exchanging money.




Boycott Amazon (AMZN) over Whole Foods (WFM) Purchase

Luckily some legislators have introduced a bill aimed at blocking this so called ‘deal’ which will delay any chance of this coming to fruition. Until then Nystockguru recommends purchasing online from other websites then Amazon as all indications from Amazon Billionaire Jeff Bezos are likely his intention to destroy healthy foods and automate employees jobs for profit.