Why I hate the Airforce.

These planes keep destroying stuff that is real hard and expensive to replace. As they say in full metal jacket, u can’t handle the truth. So they are mad because the US Dollar has lost 50% of its value in one year.

The Airforce is having major post traumatic stress disorder. If I could disassemble every single airplane I would because the cost of replacing what the Airforce is destroying is ridiculously high.

Luckily we run out of gasoline soon in America so likely we will be split between Asia and Euro Russia.

The really bad part is there are even worse technologies in the future. Nuclear planes space planes etc.

Also the Airforce has tons of reserve oil for their planes so when car gasoline runs out they will likely continue to destroy our own country the way they destroyed the middle east.

I honestly thought this would be over in 50 years but I was wrong.

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