Guns vs. Butter equation

So we all know that the US Government has an unlimited budget right?

Economics 101 teaches that a strong currency and economy is based on supply / demand.

For example, if the Government aka the people fund production of guns the supply becomes high and demand becomes low.

Proof of over supply of guns is Gander Mountain going out of business.

If the Government aka the people fund production of butter then the demand for guns drops as the supply of butter happens.

x      Butter         Guns

l       \         /

l           \ /

l        /    \

/l————-\—————————- Y

As the butter production slides from Left to Right across the Y axis you will notice supply of guns drops.

Under Mao in China despite a harsh military dictatorship most of the people who died, died from starvation.

Eventually people melted down their weapons and made plowshares to cultivate and grow crops.

Capitalism is an experiment still as it has existed a mear 300 years but is founding father a man named General George Washington did just that.

He became a farmer and put people to work on his property farming. Montecello his home was the whitehouse because there was no whitehouse. There where no fancy names, chain of command, computers, etc. Only a view from the plantation of the Chesapeake River and some fertile land.

If the people aka the Government are truely self governing as the land of the free implies then why not follow the founding father’s action and start share cropping?

There are obscure laws on the books that pay farmers to not harvest their fields. This Federally backed crop insurance program guarantees price stability but not supply.

Passed right around the time that Marijuana was made illegal to insure price stability for this crop; Federal price stability laws are in place so that the big companies that have bought the majority of this nations farmland will be guaranteed profits regardless.

So as America is entering Winter the crops still have not been harvested. The worst way to die is of starvation or lack of food.

If we the people will agree to step up production of food instead of the US Government issuing big checks to farms that don’t harvest based on depressed prices which are primarily controlled by computer based open source algorithms we might just be able to prevent a civil war.