Buy order placed for SID

Based on nystockguru’s belief that a bottom is in on the Venezuela Boliviar we see significant upside potential for Brazilian steel producer SID National.

The current price quote estimates on Venezuela Boliviars is $1=2000B

Plenty of additional upside potential as the pegged rate is still $1=100B or .10B=$1

As this neighbor currency recovers it should be a economic stimulus for Brazil. Resumption of sales of cars from Brazil to Venezuela since the closing of the GM plant there 3 years ago means companies such as Fiat Brazil symbol $FCAU stand to benefit.


$DRYS Shipping Proposal

Bermuda based $DRYS aka Dry Ships should consider doing a food for oil deal to Caracus Venezuela.

Venezuela needs food due to a currency crisis and produces $2M barrels per day of sulfer crude that can be refined at Citgo’s Lake Charles, LA refinery.

DRYS has one oil tanker and the spinoff company $ORIG has like 20 last nystockguru checked.

Venezuela’s rate of exchange matters not if food in exchange for oil is traded. View previous post for the estimated exchange rate post currency crisis.

This could be a very profitable venture should $DRYS pull the deal off once and timing is perfect going into the summer driving season demand for refined gasoline should be strong.


Trump’s attempt to whitewash his arm’s deal with Saudi Arabia this morning

‘In May 2017, the Company signed a defense deal, valued at over $28 billion, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the supply of various integrated air and missile defense, combat ships, tactical aircrafts, and rotary wing technologies and programs.’ – LMT Press Release

Trump had a press conference this AM in the Whitehouse where he explained his idea of selling air traffic control GPS. Two pointed lies or ignorous errors. He stated that radar is no longer manufactured. Wrong. He stated that one company will get the entire contract but left the name of the company out of his address. Dumb. We presume he meant Boing but what about Airbus, Bombardiair, Embreair and China and Russian aircraft?

Finally, using GPS to land planes is as simple for a pilot as pulling out his wifi enambled phone and putting in the airports GPS coordinates. So what was this really about?

When a company in his name receives a large sum of money as commissions for selling Saudi Arabia a state sponsor of terrorism fighter jets under the presumption they will bomb ISIS a terror group the Saudis fund Trump needs to be able to say it was a contribution for retrofitting US commercial airlines with GPS. This way he can avoid scrutiny for selling Terrorists weapons of mass destruction ie jets that can be equipped with nukes purchased from Western Europe, the Stans, or N Korea who would gladdly except oil money from the Saudis.

In short it was a whitewash. Luckily FBI director James Comey is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday morning. While most agree his main focus will be what the FBI has uncovered about Trumps ties to Russia; a question about selling fighter jets to the state sponsor of 9-11 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon could be even more impactful.