Garden Party on hold until US Soldiers leave

I cannot afford to have these Soldiers shooting at my space allies. A 99 cent bullet can kill someone with valuable experience… Take myself for example, 22 years of the best schools and a ton of work experience and some jeolous PTSD Soldier shows up and for 99 cents try’s to kill me. My schooling and experience is worth Millions and there .99 cent bullet can destroy it all.

Really sad.

Florida out of Gasoline; Food soon

How are we going to get our selfs stocked? We are just about out of Gasoline… Stranded cars blocking the road. Without help from those Alienware guys we are all going to starve to death. Their flying saucers help stock our shelves.

We are getting towed through space right now and have left out solar system behind and our best allies.

Lets go back and meet up with them lest we all die of starvation.

The good news is as we travel through space time some of the water is evaporating. Which should help Harvey’s waters to evaporate.

Finally we are close to having wire transfers working again sort of.

We may have to scrap the 9-11 era year 2001 rules and allow for unlimited transfers of money from account to account.


Why I hate the Airforce.

These planes keep destroying stuff that is real hard and expensive to replace. As they say in full metal jacket, u can’t handle the truth. So they are mad because the US Dollar has lost 50% of its value in one year.

The Airforce is having major post traumatic stress disorder. If I could disassemble every single airplane I would because the cost of replacing what the Airforce is destroying is ridiculously high.

Luckily we run out of gasoline soon in America so likely we will be split between Asia and Euro Russia.

The really bad part is there are even worse technologies in the future. Nuclear planes space planes etc.

Also the Airforce has tons of reserve oil for their planes so when car gasoline runs out they will likely continue to destroy our own country the way they destroyed the middle east.

I honestly thought this would be over in 50 years but I was wrong.

This years Bohemian Grove sacrifice

This years sacrifice at the Bohemian grove is the world leaders themselves.

That’s how bad the California wildfires are!

A simple yet effective mask is put two cigarette filters in your nose.

Eye protection can be anything from ski googles to a cloth strip across your eyes a blindfold.  Put cloth then ducktape around it. Fill your pool with people. Fill your bathtub and sit in that. Find a lake stream or ocean and sit in that.

Nystockguru got a glance at the CA firefighters website and 300 wildfires where reported most with little contained.

Dig a hole for yourself to lay in near a water release outside your home a hose will melt.

Put wet towels around and in the hole this can help you breath and keep you moist.

Drive your car to the beach of a lake or reservoir. Don’t leave until you load clothes especially Cotton ones. Cotton balls can help with smoke inhalation put them in your nose. If you have non perishable food items I.e. food that does not need to be refrigerated bring it with you. If

If you can smell smoke its time to head for water. TV stations are overloaded with requests so you may not get warning.

The California desert salt flats is safe from fires as well make sure you bring food and water and sunglasses if that’s your plan.

Leave your cars air conditioning off it saves gas.

If your on fire… Stop, drop and roll. This usually puts out the fire.

Make a run for the boarder if you can get there bring your passport food clothes anything of value. Mexico is a country that accepts bribes so be prepared to pay along your route. Bring plenty of water with you if you live in San Diego and LA.

Be respectful if your travelling to new areas it goes both ways.

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