Ground planes during Aug 21st 2017 eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2017African governments are grounding air traffic during the August 21st 2017 eclipse.

Pilots and planes and electronics such as satellites are not designed for this.

My Delta flight leaving Detroit, MI to Florida is going to be over Georgia at exactly the time of the eclipse… 2:35PM EST and I am pretty sure it crashes as the autopilot goes besirk and the pilot losses sight to the horizon before his eyes can adjust.

Ironically it’s my kids 5th Birthday on August 21 st and his grandparents refuse to believe me. Feeling sad.

Update: Just talked to Delta Ticketing Agent, she said, “Africa is grounding it’s planes during the solar eclipse; well this is America!” Went on to inform me that to change the ticket to the next day August 22nd, 2017 would be $150 / ticket. 4 tickets meant $600 for the change. I agreed but wanted to talk to a manager. Then she told me since skymiles where used for the purchase that only the skymiles card holder, my dad, could authorize a change to the tickets. So I am NOT traveling up to Detroit because I cannot get back without flying during the exact moment of the eclipse and I am 100% sure the satellites are not programed for an eclipse, thus the plane will crash.

I ended the call saying it will cost Delta $10,000,000USD if my 3 family members die in the plane crash but nothing if you change the tickets one day back. She was like ohh don’t think negatively. I am a realist.

Possible Short positions should be established in DAL, and the other airlines because gross negligence lawsuits resulting in deaths are very expensive.

DAL Stock went from $.50 (pre-Northwest merger) to over $50.00 (today)

$38 Billion dollar market capitalization currently

But they cannot even ground their own fleet of planes during a solar eclipse because they are all flying high on their own success and refuse to do what is smart and right. If there is a thunderstorm, extreme heat wave, snowstorm, etc they ground their planes but when a total solar ellipse occurs they refuse to accept the limits of their own equipment. It makes me wonder how many planes are going to crash during this and it is truly a scary proposition.

FBI, Secret Service, US Marshalls, DHS etc all whom are tasked with protecting air travel are silent. President Trump silent. These people who are paid huge money do nothing. Sad state of Affairs.

DAL All Data

Venezuela’s stock exchange Closed

Breaking news: South America’s formerly richest country’s stock exchange appears to be closed!

Lets hope nystockguru is wrong and we can issue a correction soon.

As you can see July 20th, 2017 is not a bank holiday, weekend and quotes are frozen.

Sent an email asking if they are open.

Healthcare / Big Pharma too expensive

When Big Pharma is granted patents that never expire (patents are supposed to expire after 7 years), they make huge sums of money forever right? Pills that cost $.30 to make go for $300.00 each in some instances.

Starting salaries for some Doctors now can be upwards of $500,000 per year!

If other industry had this kind of collusion they would be bankrupt.

Take US Automotive: if they paid $50 for a part that cost $5 to make they would be out of business right? Yet when a healthcare company pays a 10,000% markup on a prescription it is considered normal LOL.

The bottom line is people that are not super wealthy cannot afford healthcare in America, so healthcare needs to lower its costs.

I anticipate Trump is correct. The bubble will burst and it will self correct. The government is making it worse by allowing drugs to be way overpriced and hospitals to charge more per day than the fanciest Trump hotels.

The healthcare and pharma companies made their own beds now they have to sleep in them.

Bought EUO at $22.52

US Annual Defense Spending bill passed in line with expectations; just under $700B.

John Mccains office shows numbers similar to nystockguru ‘s for fiscal year 2018. Also the EU countries have pledged $1B each as part of NATO section 5 thanks to Donald Trump attending the G20.

That’s $2333.00 roughly per person for fiscal year 2018 or $70000.00 per military member before expenses.

Bought $WEAT at $7.66

After a disastrous spring wheat harvest… summer drought conditions have set in with no relief in sight. Coors has said they are looking to buy wheat from overseas. Prices have pulled back from recent highs but nystockguru expects this pullback to be a buying opportunity for speculators.

29 food stocks on the NYSE

K – Kellogg’s GIS – General Mills ADM – Archer Daniels Midland, APFH, ALN, ANFI, BETR, BGS, BG, CPB, CAG, DAR, DF, FLO, INGR, SJM, LW, MKC, MJN… The first person to email me the rest of the list gets a free jar of awesome coffee mailed anywhere in the USA – complements of

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